Monday, January 10, 2011

Say Cheese

With all the portrait focus this weekend (see post below), I started looking at some of the "maybes" in my portrait folder for my new website….My friend Jaymi did a great job (click here to see) photographing my friend and I at the beach.  Some of her concerns about placement and directing as she photographed reminded me of my first client shoot.  Getting behind the camera and directing was much different when I was moving couches and objects in houses around, and at first I was intimidated to tell clients how to move or pose.  Over the years I have definitely gotten comfortable directing and I actually enjoy photographing people as well as inanimate objects!

Here are my maybes as I finish up my new website:

So, who are these people?  Click on their photos to see what they do and who they are.  They all have one thing in common though - they are all great clients!

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