Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's all about the Details...

Ever heard the saying, "the devil's in the details"?  Well, in the world of design and photography, everything is in the details.  It's the difference between ordinary and interesting.  I was on a photo shoot the other day and every table and wall had the perfectly chosen chachkis mixed with high end art pieces.  The mix of high end and affordable is essential in all interiors.  Obviously, depending on budget, those price points are different for everyone, but in the end, it's the mix that matters.  It's so exciting to see how displaying and placing your favorite knick knacks or sculptures changes a room.

Here are a few snap shots (Unfortunately, I can't post the final photos of this shoot  - they will be published some time this year) from my favorite details that day:
The pad of paper on the table on left is made of of artisan paper that the designer had glued to a backing to create an elegant, yet unique pad filled with hand made paper.  On the table to the right, I loved the make up brushes stashed in a lovely tray.  The homeowners also had personal note pads made with their family logo and home address - so cute!
These entry tables had the most beautiful array of paintings and sculpture pieces in shades of celadon, blues and natural stone that worked so perfectly together.

Want to make your own unique pad of paper? Click here to check out a great DIY site with instructions

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