Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Santa Barbara Gets a Makeover

I showed some photos last week of a house that I was shooting two days later that needed EVERYTHING done to it & today is reveal day!  The shots turned out beautifully and thanks to a crew of movers and a lot of great help, I was able to create a lived in effect to help show the property.  After decorating, styling and shooting it only 48 hours later, I was exhausted, but so thrilled with the outcome!

Check out the before and after shots:

Here are more of my favorite shots….they had equally as stark "before" shots, but I'll leave that to your imagination:

Want to learn more about this project?  Check out the website:


  1. If I could dream up a home space, this would be it!

  2. beautiful pics! great job! wanna decorate my house for a before and after shot? hehehe

  3. That is amazing Meghan! You are so talented :) Would love to connect with you sometime soon...x0 eLi


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