Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jumping Traditions: Sound of Music

So, as I've blogged about before, jumping in my family has been a staple in our photos since I was little and my silly mother got her hands on a Philippe Halsman Jump book in the 90s.  So, it has slowly leaked into the photo culture in my group of friends.  My good friend, Jaymi, who is a super talented photographer has been documenting the joy of the jump lately too - and I think her photos tell it all - pure joy, silliness, and fabulous fun!

These shots are so fun, because my friends were in town and we were touring the gorgeous Disney Music Center and as soon as I put the camera on the ground, they said "Oh!  Jumping time?", which made me laugh like a hyena.  It was perfect.  Here are a few of the successful (and silly) shots - we definitely missed the timer more than a few times.  And yes - I'm in them - so it made for an even more difficult shot.  It's all timer and camera placement…which is easy to screw up when you're running into the shot! Too much fun on a Sunday….
First try and we all made it up in the air!
 Not up, but all so ready to jump
 Ugh!  Moved my camera!  Kind of a fun angle though...
my favorite
I love that Sasha is jumping straight, Mason is a bit curved and I look like I'm in a wind tunnel!

For Philippe's book, click here to buy online


  1. love these, especially the last one! I looove jumping photos!!


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