Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mid Century Masterpiece

Hartman Baldwin hired me to take some shots of a mid-century home that they had completely restored and I fell in love with the project.  I was amazed at the attention to detail that both the home owner and HB went to in order to keep the home authentic.  It truly felt like a time warp walking into the house and I loved prop styling each room since the home owner had carefully shopped for years to complete the look.

Below are a few of my favorite shots from the day.  Check out the bowls in the kitchen.  Her mother collected them using Betty Crocker points in the 1950s.  And the bird wall sculpture in the living room is very similar to one that was used in a scene in Mad Men!

Love the Mid-Century look?  Here's a link to some shops in Palm Springs that have great items: Click Here
Want to check out a Mid-Century Magazine?  The one I love is called Atomic Ranch: Click Here
Curious about Hartman Baldwin?  Check out their site:


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