Monday, January 3, 2011

Everyone says the 5 is Ugly…..they must be blind

So, yesterday I was stuck in a car for, wait for it, 12 HOURS….. What could have been a horrendous day turned out to be fun, silly, and a great time to catch up with a good friend. We were diverted from the 5 south to the 101 when the grapevine pass was closed due to SNOW. California's weather is sure confusing me this year….Rain, snow in low altitude, and green pastures. It's like a different state completely! Overall, even with the weather, it was a great day. We sang, told stories, and took random photos of the world going (often slowly) by.

Here are a few gems of the 5 Freeway coming south from the bay area:

Want to go? I'm sure you do! These photos were taken in Gilroy, and on the 5 Freeway between Tracy & Lost Hills, CA.

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