Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh, it's been a while…let's start small

So, I've been a very bad blogger.  To my credit (sort of), I have been traveling an insane amount.  And while I have tons of new material to post, I wanted to start small, with some beautiful leaves that I photographed for a Chiropractic office waiting room in Chicago.  Yes, random, but oh so pretty.  There are tons of shots that will be decorating the halls of the office, but I chose 4 to post that I adore and that are simply leaves.  I love that the color green can not be defined as one shade.  Have you ever walked into the woods, a park, or a jungle and just been stunned by all the amazing shades of green?  I know that I have - and it's mind blowing.  Sometimes in the city we tune out nature, and I think it's nice to remember that nature is pretty unbelievable.

Curious about the office I photographed these for? Check them out:
They have the BEST health tips and hilarious newsletters, so definitely sign up for fun random health facts - they seriously make my week.  The last one was about the benefits of wine for sexual happiness…pretty fabulous!!  I'll make sure to do a post of the final waiting room look once the art is installed, so stay tuned…