Thursday, December 15, 2011

Desert Light

Driving back from Mammoth after the holidays I insisted we pull the car over when I saw the sun setting over the desert.  With those wispy perfect clouds and dust flying around, I knew what I wanted…jumping photos.  My sister Emily was the perfect jumper until I asked for the 20th time.  But the shot I love the most is above: just Emily (probably whining about jumping 18 times) walking off-kilter in the sand with the sun setting behind her.  The jumping shots below are pretty great too…it was the perfect end to our chaotic family weekend.
 I love this head on shot.  She looks so exuberant.  
 desert sunset
This one I actually set up on the ground and had my sister click so I could jump….I have to practice what I preach, right?

Monday, December 12, 2011

A Baby and A Subaru

It's been such a crazy few months with Toujours Magazine's second issue coming out as well as a slew of other projects that I'm working on that I've completely neglected my blog!  So, to start I just have to share these adorable pics of my friend Kristy (who is also a writer for Toujours!) and is due in January.  She is the most amazing friend - I had a two hour layover in Denver and she drove all the way to the airport in rain and traffic to have a 15 min hug session in her Subaru.  It was so sweet!  We were stuck in a parking lot in her new car and I only had a minute to take a photo, but I love how happy and maternal she looks.  I can't wait to visit Denver on a real trip and photograph Kristy and the baby in the spring!