Monday, June 27, 2011

Flowers in Frazier Park

As my mom and I pulled off the 5 Freeway, we found ourselves in a town that I have often passed on my way to SF and wondered, "who the hell lives here??".  With a Prius full of flowers, three sets of sheers and more than enough ribbon, tulle, and pins for an ballerina stampede, we headed into the desert unsure of where we were going to find ourselves.  The ranch where we ended up was spectacular.  Heather, my mom's friend who is also an artist, was marrying her long time sweet heart on her parent's ranch.  My sweet mom volunteered to do all the flowers to keep costs low.  Now, it's important to know that my mom is not a florist.  And while I style flowers on photo shoots, a wedding bouquet and centerpieces are a totally different story.  To keep in line with the DIY theme and ranch feel, Heather's family had been collecting jars all year to use as centerpieces.  The different colored glass in various sizes looked amazing with the wildflower bouquets.  They added the perfect amount of color and happiness to the desert on a fabulous day. So while we didn't come entirely prepared for how much work we were taking on, with the help of a few innocent bystanders and a lot of running around, we definitely added to the transformation of the ranch.  Congrats D + H!!

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