Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Photo Journal: Last Day in San Jose

Yesterday was the end of an amazing trip in Costa Rica, my only day to explore San Jose with my friend Kristin after a week at the glorious Manuel Antonio beach with 6 great friends and….my birthday!  It was a great day…Kristin and I wandered through the city with open eyes, a camera and a mission to find the central market to buy….wait for it….hot sauce!  It was a wonderful day of wandering, celebrating, and enjoying the country I had fallen in love with over the week.

This week I'm going to go back and photo journal the entire trip, and while I should have probably started with the beginning, because yesterday was a special day, I figured I would shake up my posts and start with the end.  And in this case, the end is only the beginning.  I brought together six amazing friends from all over the US and together we became Las Caidas Libres.  I think the exact spelling might be off, but this week the photos will explain the name….

For today, San Jose, Costa Rica:
 I loved this man's intensity and clear love of music…it went beyond making a buck on the street.  
He was quietly captivating...
 Kristin turned the camera on me…a macchiato and carrot cake.  My day was complete...
 a photo collage of the city's history on the coffee shop's ceiling...
 central market and her greeter
 the color I want to paint my living room….the apartment hunt has begun….
mostly so I can use this color :)
this guy was so casual and open about being photographed….I could have stood there all day.  
Plus I wanted him to feed me….mmmm - fresh fish!
My favorite character of the day…

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Styling: Before and Afters

I recently styled this mid century modern home for my friend, the fabulous photographer, Beth Coller.  We had a great day in this gorgeous place and she graciously sent the before and after shots of the house so I could show the difference in the space prior to styling the home.  While it's probably impossible to live completely styled at all times, it's amazing to see what a little rearranging and organizing can do for any space!  It also doesn't hurt to have an awesome photographer take the photos….

Want to see more of Beth's work?  Go to

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Interiors: Photos and Fencing

Working on a Sunday can actually be fun...especially when you have an entertaining designer like Kris Lajeskie take to fencing with the home owner!  The hilarious duo hammed it up and I happened to have my finger on the shutter at the exact second they were messing around.  Check them out…Later this week I'll add the final shots that we created down in beautiful Rancho Santa Fe.

Want to see more of Kris's designs?  check out her site:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bag Lady

This weekend my designer friend, Nadya, asked me to take some photos of her bags for a new book that is coming out about great ideas for small businesses.  My friend Sasha posed and helped style the bags while we had a great time outside in Santa Monica!  
Here are a few of my favorite shots:
Want to see more from the designer?
Curious about the book?