Sunday, February 20, 2011

New York City: Art & Style

So, here I am in NYC and where do I go for fun?  Furniture shopping!  I stopped by ABC Carpet and Home this weekend and went downstairs to the Conran Shop for some eye candy.  I loved everything I saw and couldn't help but share a few of my favorites!  I am definitely going to have to get the lamp - it's so kitsch that it's fabulous…the perched little birds are fun and cheerful:
On Friday I had been at the Whitney and saw Edward Kienholz’s 1964-65 assemblage “The Wait" in the "Singular Visions" exhibit.  It's a haunting collection and portrayal of a decaying woman with her lively parakeet singing about in it's cage.  Seeing the very kitsch lamp on Saturday at ABC definitely reminded me of this little parakeet (Peetie) and I laughed out loud at the sight of the lamp shade.  I will say that both are worth a second look.  If you are in NY, definitely stop by the "Singular Vision" exhibit & the Dennis Hopper exhibit is on display now as well - get over to the Whitney.
The exhibit is definitely worth checking out:
Check out the Conran Shop: Click here
Want to read about the Whitney Exhibit? Click here

Friday, February 18, 2011

Inspiration: Texture & Color

For most designers and artists there is a balance between limitless possibility and grounding reality/ constrictions.  While I think most people dream of a life with no boundaries, in the end, we are often overwhelmed when we find ourselves in situations that actually seem completely limitless.  So, for me, when I find myself in those situations, I start to regroup and look for inspiration.  This week I'm working in NY on a project and found myself completely stressed by the idea that I was working from scratch on a project that could turn out to be really huge for me.  That is, if I make it great.  So, I was looking through design books, photography magazines and blogs to get excited and find direction and a "voice".  Towards the end of my search I procrastinated a little by looking at some photos I recently took and needed to organize when I stumbled upon some photos I took at the Chicago Lincoln Park Conservatory.  The textures, colors and patterns of nature completely inspired me to look at the project with new eyes….

Here are a few to inspire:

Want to visit the conservatory next time you're in Chicago?  Click here to check it out.

So, what inspires you?  Leave a comment - I'd love to know!

and then, she {snapped}

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Perfecting the Shot: Styling!

Earlier this week blogger Erin from House of Turquoise featured my photographs from shoots I did with fabulous designer Emily Ruddo from Armonia Decors & they looked amazing!  Emily loves pairing turquoise with fuchsia and has been getting great reviews for her designs and color palette, not to mention she is so fun to work with!

I was looking through shots from our most recent shoot together and stumbled upon these great shots of Emily styling a living room she designed in LA.  The flowers were full and fancy, but placement of the trees and flowers was tricky in this shot.  Check out Emily in action, all our placement ideas, and most importantly - the final product!  It's so great to see how a few items really change the entire look of the room!

Check out the coffee table, flowers, mantle and trees to see where Emily made the most changes….

Make sure to check out both Armonia Decors & House of Turquoise by clicking on their links below:

Monday, February 7, 2011

Western Done Right

I just finished a few photo shoots with designer Kris Lajeskie.  Kris is based in Santa Fe and designs in New Mexico, Los Angeles and New York.  She created a beautiful home in LA based on the client's love for all things western.  There were bronze sculptures of cowboys, classic paintings, and native american art.  It was a huge collection that the homeowners clearly loved.  And what could have happened was something cheesy, but what Kris created was exceptionally lovely, comfortable and still very stylish.
Here are some shots of the living room:

Want to see more of Kris Lajeskie's work?  Click here to see her site!