Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Paid to Take a Nap….

I know, I can't believe it either…

On Saturday I met some girlfriends at a bath house in Korea Town…and it was quite the experience.  First off, there was a lot of nakedness in this place.  When I walked in, I was beyond shocked by the lack of shyness and went from a nervous partaker to eventually sitting naked on a plastic stool with Korean grandmas sitting on either side of me.  Everyone was sitting around a trough of water, scrubbing down their skin with a mitt and pouring buckets of water on their heads.  No one seemed to care about how they looked, if anyone was watching, or what their bodies looked like…as an American woman bombarded by images of "perfect" women in the media, the whole experience was completely and wholly healing. A few times throughout the day I actually had to remind myself that I was in the United States and not on some trip in Asia.  Honestly, I feel so lucky to live in LA and experience so many different cultures without leaving a 30 mile radius - it's pretty astonishing.

So, after the scrub down and tea baths, my friends and I took a break from our exhausting day (insert dripping sarcastic overtone here), and so, we did what seemed normal, and took a nap.  Yep, you read that right, in our paper thin robes, on a heated marble platform floor, we grabbed some blankets and head rests and passed out in a room with 15 strangers.  Basically, we had nap time just like you remember from Kindergarten…and it was blissful!  It was the end to a perfect day of relaxation, acceptance, and completely new experiences.  I mean, honestly, who can resist nap time?

If you're curious about this amazing bath house experience, check them out:

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  1. oooh I've wondering how it went! I want to go next time, it sounds amazing!


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