Friday, June 3, 2011

Portraits a la Playa: Part 1

My good friend Jaymi and I were goofing off after a very satisfying Memorial Day BBQ and found ourselves striking a pose at the beach near the pier in Santa Monica.  She has posted some fabulous photos this week on her blog, Live Love Travel, and I thought I should post some of my favorites from behind my lens.  I always have so much fun shooting with her & it was fantastic photographing her while the light fell across her face…

I am actually falling in love with California more and more as I've moved back...the light quality here is so different than the midwest.  There's a warmth that I missed. During the magic hour, while the sun waits to set, I'm completely content with my camera and any subject that will let me photograph them.
Trying to capture that warmth is the least I can do….
I love how contemplative she looks while setting up her perfect shot
the way every good day should end - with jumping...

Want to check out Jaymi's blog?

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  1. these are awesome! I especially love the last two!!


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