Tuesday, June 28, 2011

High Gloss Article: My work in "print"

I'm so pleased to announce that my photography is featured in this month's High Gloss Magazine!  I shot the article for designer and friend, Emily Ruddo, a few months back and am thrilled to see the final product.  The entire project was fantastic and you can see even more of Emily's work (and my photography!) on her site.  Emily, is a fabulous and talented designer that I met last year and have worked with ever since.  She has an amazing eye and I adore her playful, yet elegant use of color and pattern.  

Seeing the magazine today has been thrilling and I'm so excited to share it with everyone I know.  What's even more fabulous, is that my mentor and business partner, Grey Crawford, has his work featured in the article directly before mine.  So, please check out my photos in the HG article on page 55 & let me know your thoughts. What an amazing day!  Enjoy!


  1. awesome!! Looks fancy!

  2. I love Emily's work here because the rooms are gorgeous but accessible. The pictures are very smart, shooting books at an angle to break up the lines and blurring the chandelier that would normally take center stage - great work!


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