Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cooking for Pops

Father's Day with my family wouldn't be complete without cooking.  In fact, most occasions with my family are completely centered around what's happening in the kitchen.  This year we took to the bbq and created a mini feast…While I didn't end up photographing much since I was helping (wo)man the grill, I was able to snap a few shots of some of my favorite items.

The biggest problem with photographing food around my family is that no one wants to wait for me to finish with the photos.  They are constantly trying to snatch up whatever hot food is around because we are a family of vultures.  We descend upon everything edible and basically hoover it down and continue on with bizarre and fact filled banter.  It's always an evening to remember...
stuffed jalapenos the healthy way…
we scooped the peppers and stuffed them with goat cheese and blue cheese.  
*Beware* these were legit!  Super hot and delicious!!
a scrumptious appetizer made by our friend Shanti…
paired perfectly with her homemade spicy mint chutney
grilled veggies to pair with…everything!

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  1. yum, looks amazing! and I love your plates!!


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