Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Travel: In the Jungle

I am more than a little behind on my blog...I think I had made promises to journal all about my amazing trip to Costa Rica and here it is, almost a month later and I haven't posted photos.  So, tonight I finally went through a bunch of photos that I took at the national park in Manuel Antonio and chose some favorites.  And I'm so glad I did - I forgot so quickly how insanely gorgeous this place was.  We had amazing guide that gave us the tour and we ended up seeing so much wildlife solely because he was there.  Here are just a few of oh so many shots...
the crabs created the coolest markings in the sand
Tree crabs?  Pretty crazy - the crabs were migrating while we were there - they were even in the outdoor hallways at our hotel!

we never would have seen this monkey or frog without our fabulous guide…but my favorite is still...
the sloths!  This little guy is yawning…so cute
Planning your trip to Costa Rica?  Don't skip a guide for wildlife - overall, definitely worth the $40 pp fee to take a guided tour.  

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