Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Photo Journal: Last Day in San Jose

Yesterday was the end of an amazing trip in Costa Rica, my only day to explore San Jose with my friend Kristin after a week at the glorious Manuel Antonio beach with 6 great friends and….my birthday!  It was a great day…Kristin and I wandered through the city with open eyes, a camera and a mission to find the central market to buy….wait for it….hot sauce!  It was a wonderful day of wandering, celebrating, and enjoying the country I had fallen in love with over the week.

This week I'm going to go back and photo journal the entire trip, and while I should have probably started with the beginning, because yesterday was a special day, I figured I would shake up my posts and start with the end.  And in this case, the end is only the beginning.  I brought together six amazing friends from all over the US and together we became Las Caidas Libres.  I think the exact spelling might be off, but this week the photos will explain the name….

For today, San Jose, Costa Rica:
 I loved this man's intensity and clear love of music…it went beyond making a buck on the street.  
He was quietly captivating...
 Kristin turned the camera on me…a macchiato and carrot cake.  My day was complete...
 a photo collage of the city's history on the coffee shop's ceiling...
 central market and her greeter
 the color I want to paint my living room….the apartment hunt has begun….
mostly so I can use this color :)
this guy was so casual and open about being photographed….I could have stood there all day.  
Plus I wanted him to feed me….mmmm - fresh fish!
My favorite character of the day…

Want to check out San Jose and more on Costa Rica?  Check out what Lonely Planet has to say:


  1. Meg. You're so talented! I can't wait to see you sunday! Proud you're my GODSISTER!

  2. Amazing shots! You 2 had such a remarkable last day in San Jose ---- celebrating YOUR BIRTHDAY! :) macchiato & carrot cake look ridiculous - yum!


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