Friday, April 15, 2011

Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes

I was recently on a photo shoot with friend and fellow photographer Beth Coller working as her stylist on an interiors shoot.  Whenever we had down time I photographed some behind the scenes shots of what really goes on during a shoot day.  It's such a different experience to be on the sets that we shoot and later see the actual finished photos in magazines and websites.  After being on a shoot I can't help but laugh when I see such perfect, beautiful images, because I remember all the funny little details of the day.  Nobody's home is perfect and having the privilege to be behind the scenes is fabulous - we get to see the chaos we create on set + the way people actual live.  So, here are some fun shots I took throughout the day to show what we were actually up to!  And I love the little orange cat - he followed us all day and wanted to be the star of the shoot.  Too cute!
the star of the shoot…he was a total camera hog
the bedroom shot would not have been complete without him...
lights, camera…more lighting…shift the camera - Beth hard at work...
a little left out detail - there's never enough time to light and shoot every perfect detail…here is one of my favorite snapshots of the day - I just love this classic bathing doll - she is too chic to be left behind…

Want to see a few of the final shots? Click here to check out the post I did with some of Beth's final shots..

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