Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Vignette: Inside my Home

I think vignettes are one of my most favorite things to photograph in a home or space.  They often tell a much bigger story than an overall photograph of a larger space.  We get to see details and a moment created by the occupier of the space….and this week it's my home!  I want to start a new weekly series on vignettes and explore personal moments in people's lives through a detail.  They will probably start off simple and I'll see what happens.  But I figured there was no better place to start than my own home….
I love the light in my place.  It fills the entire place for a good 6 hours a day.  This is the corner of my "office" and clearly a work in progress.  The seamless paper had just been used for a product shoot, the flowers were all left over from a fantastic dinner party, and the decals are for a project I'm doing where I mark up perfectly good plates….Oh, and that chair is about to get a face lift with that new fabric.  Did I mention my favorite pillow??  Judy Ross textiles….love her!


  1. I LOVE your place!! so beautiful!!

  2. I love your style and textures. More please.

  3. Your so fun =)

    Carlos McCray


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