Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Portraits!

The amazingly talented designer Jordana Silver asked me to take her portrait when I was recently in NYC.  Because I needed to pop up a studio on the fly, my dear artist friend Sasha Kinens offered her studio as a space for us to shoot.  Jordana looked gorgeous as always and after we finished the photo shoot we spent the afternoon eating prosciutto, drinking wine and looking over her images.  Like always, the shoot was so fun, but the civilized charcuterie plate and yummy moscato took the afternoon to a new level…I'm thinking it's the way I should wrap every shoot from now on…

I loved the moodiness in the shot above.  I turned off the strobe and just let the light happen in this one….I like the juxtaposition between this dark outfit and moody light and the images below which are really bright and happy.  It's nice to see both sides of someone...
Check out Jordana's newest collection of shoes and interchangeable shoe clips!

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