Monday, July 25, 2011

Inspiration: We are all Savages

New York City: Last Day, Best Day...

the frenzied entrance to Savage Beauty:
the always inspiring Metropolitan Museum of Art:
On my final day in NYC last week, I rushed between meetings to view the Alexander McQueen exhibit on display at the Met before missing my only chance.  And I did it like I do a lot of things - in perfect timing, but a little bit delayed.  I was supposed to meet a friend that morning, but she had an emergency and cancelled, so I viewed the show solo.  I arrived 5 minutes before the line closed and instead of waiting for hours, it only took 15 minutes to enter the exhibit.  While it was pure luck and good timing, it was also disappointing to have to view the entire exhibit with packed rooms in a single hour.  Great planning, no, but perfect timing, yes. The video below is a wonderful narrated tour through the exhibit by the curator, Andrew Bolton.

Now, anyone that has been to the Sistine Chapel in Rome will understand the cluster chaos that you will encounter seeing this exhibit after it's received so much press.  The rooms were being wrangled by low paid guards with little reverence to the obvious genius they were protecting.  However, I realized quickly that since there were only two more groups being let into the rooms, if I waited a bit and slinked back, I could view the spaces in perfect silence.  While I am in no way a fashionista or designer factoid, I was in complete awe of the exhibit space, McQueen's pained, yet beautifully inspired collection, the unbelievable details that were included, the head pieces designed by Guido, and I left with a sense of feeling connected to runway fashion in a way I hadn't previously experienced.  In the past runway has always seemed like a show to me, not always directly inspiring me, although I always appreciate the artistry of the exhibiting designer.  With this exhibit, the clothing seemed to transcend fashion and create statement and purpose, as well as deep political statements, while remaining captivatingly beautiful.  The exhibit, the collection, and the memory of McQueen all seemed in perfect harmony.

So, my point?  Get your butt to NY before August 7th and see this exhibit!  Here are links to all the info you would ever need: Metropolitan Museum, Savage Beauty Exhibit Info, and special Monday tickets for the Exhibit - completely worth the $50, I'm sure!  

On my way out of the exhibit, the last few of us lingerers were being corralled out by the guards, and as we entered a back hall, I saw this:
Obviously it had more to do with construction than anything else, but I felt the tiny hairs on the back of my neck pop up…I couldn't help but toy with the thought that it felt like an eerie message from beyond:)

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  1. beautiful pic! I can't wait to go to NY just to take pictures one day!


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