Thursday, July 7, 2011

Frazier Park: The little ranch wedding

This wedding seriously stole my heart.  It's exactly the kind of wedding that makes you think, "and why does everyone spend so much money??".  Not that a blowout bash isn't fantastic, but it's great to see people go against the grain and plan a wedding with a DIY attitude.  I posted earlier last week about helping my mom do the flowers, but wanted to show a few more photos of the reception and all the fun we had!
the cake was the only thing they bought for the reception - everything else was homemade!  
Loved her blue frosting:)
Normally a frosting smash is not my thing, but they made it look cute…
the guests had fun with the extra flowers lying around….
 the bride's father helped set up a photo booth on her Mac and they put out ample costumes for us to clown around in…it may have been my favorite part of the wedding - we took about 100…for real
I loved the flags they made to mark the ceremony - so happy and fun
 the back of the ranch….the end of a beautiful day
And at the end of the day we all pitched in to help recycle, compost and toss the trash…
it was a true backyard bash

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