Thursday, December 30, 2010

Book Shelf Therapy

Today I had a huge photo shoot in Santa Barbara that involved me designing, styling and photographing a big empty condo! As soon as I get the shots done I will post some before and after shots of what went down, but for tonight I thought it would be great to post about something we all say we way to do as we head into the new year…..ORGANIZE!

A friend had me completely redo her bookshelves in her apartment in NY and WOW - the difference was nuts! As I was styling the condo today I remembered her shelves as I worked quickly to create a beautiful bookshelf for the living room photo.

Here are the before and after shots and some great tips:

(you can click the photo to enlarge)

Start by coordinating colors and sizes with like books so your shelf will have a cohesive look. Find objects around your house that look like dust catchers in their current spot and place them on top of books that you stack sideways (ex: right side, 3rd shelf down in shot above). You can do the same thing with framed photos or small art that is getting lost in your house (ex: the after shot #1, 2nd shelf down on left side between orangey books and black books). If you have a series of books (like in after shot #1, bottom left shelf), keep them together for a simple yet dramatic row. This looks great when the books colors match and when they are simply a set. Make sure that you give as much care to what you do (OR DON'T) place on top of the bookshelves as well (see before #1 vs. after #1). And finally, the sad but honest truth is that the only way I've found to do this properly is to take EVERYTHING out of your bookshelves and organize it and THEN put it back. It gives you a fresh perspective and helps you create something new! Good luck!

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